Projekte von den Castle German Fans

Die Collage 2015

Diese Collage hängt im Frühstücksraum des Castle-Teams (Cast & Crew) in den Raleigh Studios.

133ish Days of Castle - Hiatus Projekt von

Auch wenn es "unser" (mein) Beitrag nie in das "133ish Days of Castle!" - Hiatus Projekt von geschafft hat, dies hier war mein Beitrag:

We are a fanpage on Facebook and in the last year we grew to kind of a family. And for a long time now not only german fans anymore ;-)

Two of us, Anja and myself, Franzi, traveled last March to Los Angeles, to meet our stars. But we decided not only to go there for us, more to take all the fans and friends with us, who never will be able to go there by themselves via a collage of all of us.

Of course we dreamed about to be in the Studios after giving the collage to someone on a set. But not in my wildest dreams I imagined it to become reality! But as you can see on the pics, it is reality! Andrew Bikichky, camera guy, Tony Hibbard, lightning guy, and even Schae Harrison, actress in Castle, tweeted our collage – it’s really there!

Now just let me use this great opportunity via the 133ish Days of Castle to say

THANK YOU to all the fans and friends who joined our project. Without all of you we would be nothing. We wouldn’t be that interactive, wouldn’t be that proud to be part of this fandom or even still running our fanpage. Because it’s all for you and all from you: the fans! Thank you for being there and supporting us in all those amazing ways!

For all admins our page,

Big Hugs & *blowfish-face in Stana manner* yours Franzi

This is the text in the “book” on the collage:

“Dear Castle Cast & Crew,
to the best creator on earth & his wife, the amazing actors & actresses, the awesome writers, the camera-guys, the tech-guys, the art director, the editors, the composer and all the other amazing guys behind the cameras:
We want to say THANK YOU <3

from all of us with this Collage.
For all of us Castle means something special. For us this show is extraordinary.
We love to share all the moments with our Castle characters. We grew up with them, learned life lessons with them, cried with them, laughed with them, suffered with them, loved with them, lost with them, had the most happiest moment with them, learned that friends can become family with them. They touch our hearts episode after episode.
For us it is the most remarkable, maddening, challenging and frustrating show we have ever watched - and we love you all for it!
Thank you <3“

Die Collage im Raleigh-Studio

Das Original



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